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“Tattooed Love Boys.”

A poem.

“You were the first to talk to me.

You were the first to add me on Facebook.

I knew you added me because you wanted something from me.

You messaged me first.

“Hey, what’s up?”

Casual opening line.

We send messages throughout the day.

You send subtle hints towards me.

“Going to the gym is a good work out, but I know a better way of losing fat.”

You think I’m naive.

You think I don’t know what you want from me.

You message me everyday until I tell you to come over.

You come over at 8 a.m.

You sneak in my room so you don’t wake up my roommates.

I play indie music so they don’t hear any noises.

You change the music to rap music.

“I’m from Flint. I grew up with this music.”

I liked the indie music better.

You take off your shirt. I see all the tattoos you hide under your work uniform.

“Fuck,” I think to myself. I love tattoos.

You get underneath my purple comforter. My heart beat increases. My anxiety levels shoot through the roof.

I lay next to you. Your arm is around me. I haven’t been this close to a man since “he who shall not be named” left.

My heart beat increases.

“How are you feeling?”

You lean in and kiss me. Tattoo Love Boy kisses me. It’s weird kissing a new boy.

Your hands slide down my body. I feel so in lust.

Things get hotter. Things get sweaty. Things happen so fast.

You’re done. I have to get to class at 11. Is there a quiz today?

You leave. We don’t talk on Facebook anymore. We only talk at work.

But you won’t come over anymore. You got what you wanted.

Tattooed Love Boys.”


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Homesickness: it happens.

Homesickness: one of the biggest issues students face when going to college.

I moved out of my mothers house when I was 21, so I was a bit older than some kids who move out once they leave high school. I wanted to take a few years to save up and go to community college in town before I moved away on my own.

At first, I was very eager to leave home. I’d finally be independent and free to do as I please. I was independent when I was growing up, but not as much as I thought.

Living without parents has it’s perks; yes, you don’t have to worry about your mom bothering you about not cleaning your room. Yes, you can play your music as loud as you want. Yes, you can eat nothing but TV dinners. This is all quaint, but personally,  I still felt sad.

The day after my mom let me go, I was sad. I was sad all day, the next day, and the next week. I just wanted to curl up in my bed and watch Netflix all day. My new home didn’t even feel like a home. Home to me was back home with my mom. The independence was nice, but I missed the morning conversations my mom and I would have. I missed watching the local news with my mom and laughing when the news anchor messed up. I missed my mom’s perfect home cooked meals. I missed it all.

It’s been two months now. I’m not as sad as I was that day she left, but it bothers me time to time. I go on with my day and try not to let it bother me. I keep busy with studying and being involved in organizations on campus. It helps push the thoughts aside.

Moving out and leaving the nest is something most of us deal with in our life time. It’s easy for some people; not so easy for others. Most of us deal with the pain of homesickness; you’re not alone. In time, it will all be okay.



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10 Things to do when you’re stuck at home on spring break.

It’s spring break for most colleges this time of year. Some students went to Florida, some went out to a different country, and me? I went home for spring break.

My home is a small town, three hours north of my university. My friends and I call it a retirement community. Which means: not much to do except drinking with your friends.

Here’s my list of advice (and what I’ll be doing) to live up spring break while at home:

  1. Visit friends from back home: I just recently visited one of my best friends from back home. It really made me happy to be around good people I’m comfortable with, once again.
  2. Spend time with your family: YES, actually do it. When I lived with family, I couldn’t stand being around them. Now that I’m away at college, I actually really enjoy spending time with family.
  3. Catch up on some shows on Netflix: The first part of your semester has been stressful. It’s OK to take a break and just be lazy.
  4. Take a relaxing bath: Give yourself a spa day. You deserve the relaxation. You go girl. (or guy!).
  5. Go for a drive: Take a drive around town. Let your mind wander. Go visit some old places and let your nostalgia flow.
  6. Work out: It’s not too early to start planning for your summer body.
  7. Finish reading a book: Do it. I’ve been trying to finish The Shining for 6 months now, I’m trying to get it finished by the end of spring break.
  8. Bake: Bake some cookies or some other goodies. Bake with your mom, bake with a friend.
  9. Shop local: Go try out a local store you haven’t been to yet.
  10. Go for a picnic: If the weather is actually nice out; go enjoy yourself and go for a picnic. Invite friends!

It’s the little things that count; make the most of your spring break, even if you can’t go somewhere warm and exotic!



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Why do we feel the need to be with someone?

I’ve been asking this question for years.

Ever since I was 16 years old, I always found myself in a relationship. I would date a guy, he would break up with me, and then a week or two later I would find myself in another relationship. It was like I didn’t know how to function on my own.

It wasn’t until I was 21 when I was finally single for a long period of time, and on my own. I quit my job, I moved three hours away from home, and I didn’t really have anyone there for me beside my mother. But, she was three hours away back home, so I was pretty much on my own.

It was hard at first, and it still is sometimes.

It seems that people feel the need to be in a relationship because people hate being lonely. You depend on yourself, and you only have yourself, which is hard to wrap your head around sometimes. Especially if you don’t have many friends at the moment, it seems like being single can be even harder at times. You don’t have people to go out with, get a drink with, to take things like this off your mind.

Recently, I’ve found that staying busy with school work or studying helps me take my mind off the loneliness. I’ve gotten involved in two groups here at Central, and it definitely takes up a lot of my time now. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with loneliness but here’s my best advice I have for now:

  1. Read a book, graphic novel, etc.
  2. Studying extra hard for all your classes.
  3. Join a group or club on campus. Join two.
  4. Work extra hours, make some more money.
  5. Pick up a hobby or a craft that will take up lots of time.
  6. Take a walk. Maybe play some Pokemon Go again?
  7. Go on and adventure and take lots of pictures.
  8. Reconnect with a friend from high school.

Do you guys have any other tips with dealing with loneliness and being single? I’d love to hear them; drop some ideas in the comments.


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Always love your mother, you never get another.

My mother & I after Alpena Community College Graduation, Class of 2016.

Appreciate your mothers.

When I was a young, angsty teenager, I always thought my mother was the worst. She told me not to date certain guys, she told me not to go back to my ex, she told me not to dye my hair (God forbid!), and yet I still did all those things. I was always so angry though because she felt differently than I did about all of those times.

I would get angry; write long statuses on Facebook about how bad my life was because my mother disagreed with me. I’m glad those times are behind me.

But once, a Facebook friend commented on my status saying, “When you get older, you’ll realize you will always love your mother no matter what.” At the time, I thought this person was an idiot. Anyone who disagreed was an idiot.

Looking back, 4 years later, she was right.

I turned 18, and I slowly started growing out of my angsty age. I feel around this age is when I truly started to appreciate my mother, and I understood what my Facebook friend meant that day.

I appreciated my mother when she would help me with an adult task that I was unsure of. I appreciated my mother when she was there for me when I was sad. I appreciate my mother for taking me on adventures when I was lonely, or just plain bored. I appreciate her for life, feeding me, and raising me.

Now that I’m 21 and on my own, I realize even more so that a mother is so special, and you should appreciate her. Being away from mom is hard at first, but I’m hoping I will get over it soon.

I got a letter in the mail today from my mom, packed with coupons for my favorite places, stamps (because I need them!) and she even gave me a gift card for one of my favorite restaurants. Also, included a nice, heart-felt letter. I kept saying to myself, “My mother is a saint.” Little things like the letter, really make me realize how much I miss, and appreciate my mother dearly.



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“Why Do You Want To Become a Journalist?”

Yesterday in my Journalism 102 class, we had a class speaker. I always love having speakers come join us; they always give us a wonderful insight into the career we are all trying to pursue.

Our speaker was a famous journalist by the name of Ron Fournier. I’ll admit it, I’ve never heard of this guy until my professor told us to research him before the next class. I found out he’s a political journalist; he even followed Bill Clinton’s career before he became president.

He told us his other journalistic adventures and career highlights as well, and I genuinely enjoyed his stories. It’s nice hearing stories from people in the career field you are going into.

But he asked my class this one question that I ponder about from time to time.

“Why do you want to become a journalist? Especially since most people say ‘print is dead’. Social media is also taking over.”

When he asked the class this, most of the class got silent; didn’t know how to respond to that. I’m pretty sure most of us had the same thought in our head, why do we want to be journalists? Will we even get a job out of college?

His response to our silence was: “There will always be a need for news. If you love finding out shit and sharing it, there will always be a need for journalists.” We all laughed at his response, and I think it helped us feel a little more relaxed about going to college and starting our careers.

Before I start college at Central, I always told people I want to be a journalist because I love to write. Because journalism is all about writing for newspapers, right? Wrong.

I’m only a few weeks into my first semester here, but I have a totally different view of journalism and journalists since I have started. Journalism includes writing in certain positions, yes, but journalism is important because we share important news with our audience; the public. We strive to report the truth and only the truth to inform the public. A good journalist will seek out the truth and report is accurately and fairly. And I believe there will always be a need to inform the public. Who knows, maybe my generation of journalists will change the world one day.


Here is also a link to one of Ron Fournier’s articles about how to become a successful journalist.

A Farwell Guide to Political Journalism




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Saving Money While in College: 101

Good evening everyone!

I feel like it’s only appropriate for my second blog post to be about saving money while being a college student.


Here are some of my tips to saving some extra cash while in college, and how to feel less broke.

  1. r/freebies on One of my favorite subreddits to visit; r/freebies has loads of freebies you can send for online. From make-up samples to household items, I have gotten quite a few free items thanks to this subreddit!
  2. I wish I had known about this website earlier in my young adulthood. You can sell your old books, CD’s, DVD’s, video games and cell phones. Start by cleaning up your room and get rid of some of that old junk that you no longer use.
  3. The iBotta App: This app will give you rebates for items you would normally shop for. Most items available on iBotta are grocery items, so when you’re doing your grocery shopping, this is the app to use! They also offer rebates on make-up, health and beauty items too, usually.
  4. Eat in more– Eat out less: One of my most important tips. My first (and biggest) mistake I made at first was eating out too much. I would pick up fast food on the way home from work or class. It’s so convenient, so why not? The sad fact is, eating fast food and at restaurants costs way more than eating at home. Purchasing and then making your own food cost less; you get more for your money.
  5. Collect all that spare change: Seriously. Do it. All that little change can add up. I had a jar I would store all of my change in, and in about 6 months I had $80 worth of money saved up.
  6. Selling your old Pokemon cards: Yes, it’s time to take out your old collection and check to see what they’re worth. Some cards (especially first edition versions) can be worth a lot of money! I currently do not have any rare cards, but selling all your duplicates and other unwanted cards can add up to some extra cash.
  7. Apply for a work study on campus: I know some students already do work study for their job; but if you are working part-time at another job, try picking up a work study at your college or university. While I was attending community college, I picked up a work study where I came in a few days a week, and I filed papers for one of the faculty members. It doesn’t make a ton of money, but you make minimum wage and usually get about 10 hours a week.
  8. Coupons, coupons, coupons: Coupons can be a life saver. I didn’t realize it until I became a little bit older, but they really help out. If you look in the local newspapers, you can usually find coupons on specific days of the week. Also, many department stores have apps for coupons, such as: mPerks (Meijer), Savings-catcher (Wal-Mart), Kroger mobile app and so on.
  9. Free events vs. Going out and spending money: Going to university can mean you have many more opportunities to chose from. Get involved with a club! A good way to spend your free time. Also be sure to check your college events to see what free functions they have going on. I usually try to preoccupy myself with going to the gym or free yoga classes they have on campus. It’s much cheaper than paying for a gym membership.

Those are all my best tips that I have for now. I hope my article helps out the fellow college students out there. If you have any good tips you’d like to share, let me know in the comments.