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Always love your mother, you never get another.

My mother & I after Alpena Community College Graduation, Class of 2016.

Appreciate your mothers.

When I was a young, angsty teenager, I always thought my mother was the worst. She told me not to date certain guys, she told me not to go back to my ex, she told me not to dye my hair (God forbid!), and yet I still did all those things. I was always so angry though because she felt differently than I did about all of those times.

I would get angry; write long statuses on Facebook about how bad my life was because my mother disagreed with me. I’m glad those times are behind me.

But once, a Facebook friend commented on my status saying, “When you get older, you’ll realize you will always love your mother no matter what.” At the time, I thought this person was an idiot. Anyone who disagreed was an idiot.

Looking back, 4 years later, she was right.

I turned 18, and I slowly started growing out of my angsty age. I feel around this age is when I truly started to appreciate my mother, and I understood what my Facebook friend meant that day.

I appreciated my mother when she would help me with an adult task that I was unsure of. I appreciated my mother when she was there for me when I was sad. I appreciate my mother for taking me on adventures when I was lonely, or just plain bored. I appreciate her for life, feeding me, and raising me.

Now that I’m 21 and on my own, I realize even more so that a mother is so special, and you should appreciate her. Being away from mom is hard at first, but I’m hoping I will get over it soon.

I got a letter in the mail today from my mom, packed with coupons for my favorite places, stamps (because I need them!) and she even gave me a gift card for one of my favorite restaurants. Also, included a nice, heart-felt letter. I kept saying to myself, “My mother is a saint.” Little things like the letter, really make me realize how much I miss, and appreciate my mother dearly.




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