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“Why Do You Want To Become a Journalist?”

Yesterday in my Journalism 102 class, we had a class speaker. I always love having speakers come join us; they always give us a wonderful insight into the career we are all trying to pursue.

Our speaker was a famous journalist by the name of Ron Fournier. I’ll admit it, I’ve never heard of this guy until my professor told us to research him before the next class. I found out he’s a political journalist; he even followed Bill Clinton’s career before he became president.

He told us his other journalistic adventures and career highlights as well, and I genuinely enjoyed his stories. It’s nice hearing stories from people in the career field you are going into.

But he asked my class this one question that I ponder about from time to time.

“Why do you want to become a journalist? Especially since most people say ‘print is dead’. Social media is also taking over.”

When he asked the class this, most of the class got silent; didn’t know how to respond to that. I’m pretty sure most of us had the same thought in our head, why do we want to be journalists? Will we even get a job out of college?

His response to our silence was: “There will always be a need for news. If you love finding out shit and sharing it, there will always be a need for journalists.” We all laughed at his response, and I think it helped us feel a little more relaxed about going to college and starting our careers.

Before I start college at Central, I always told people I want to be a journalist because I love to write. Because journalism is all about writing for newspapers, right? Wrong.

I’m only a few weeks into my first semester here, but I have a totally different view of journalism and journalists since I have started. Journalism includes writing in certain positions, yes, but journalism is important because we share important news with our audience; the public. We strive to report the truth and only the truth to inform the public. A good journalist will seek out the truth and report is accurately and fairly. And I believe there will always be a need to inform the public. Who knows, maybe my generation of journalists will change the world one day.


Here is also a link to one of Ron Fournier’s articles about how to become a successful journalist.

A Farwell Guide to Political Journalism





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